Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, July 4, Sunday 

Holy Communion and collections in church for Rev W. Bourchier’s “day in the Country fund” for his poor people in the parish of St Olave, Hanbury Street. The sum received amounted to £1.16.3.

Called on Mr E. White this evening.

1886, July 5, Monday

Took Bell to London for a few days change, as she has not had one since we brought Rosa back from London.

We left Banbury by 1.14 pm train. Drove to the Clergy Club (“National church Club” as it is now called) in New Bond Street, the Secretary of which I had requested to order a room for us. It had been taken accordingly at Edwards’s Royal Hotel, Hanover Square. After tea we went to hear the Moore and Burgess Minstrels at St. James’s Hall. The singing was remarkably good and the fun afterwards was very funny.

1886, July 6, Tuesday 

Took Bell to the Industrial Exhibition for India and the Colonies, called the “Colinderies” at South Kensington adjoining the Albert Hall.

Here we met Rev F. A. Wilson of Oxford and Mrs Wilson with whom we took refreshment in the shape of “Hock Cobbler”. As the day was intensely hot and we were very thirsty, the iced draught taken up through two straws was novel and refreshing. The Music and illuminations in the evening were particularly fine.

1886, July 7, Wednesday

Mr Wynne, our Conservative Candidate, is holding a political meeting in my Schoolroom this evening.

This morning we went to the Royal Academy where we saw nothing particularly worthy of mention except the portrait of Mr Egerton of Bloxham and one of Mrs York Powell. There appeared no pictures of surpassing merit, though of course many were good. On the whole I was less interested in this exhibition than in any previous one.

On discharging my bill at Edwards’ Hotel I found they had charged 9/- per night for one bedroom and 3/- each for attendance for the two nights. And yet all the servants hung about the door for tips in the most disgusting way. I gave the boots a trifle and that was all.

Next time I bring Bell up to town I shall take her elsewhere than to Edwards’ Royal Hotel and the Club, as it is a plan which conduces neither comfort nor economy.

About 7 pm we took a cab to Victoria whence per L.C. & D.R. we reached Dulwich at 8.15 and took another cab to Mountain’s, Westbrook, Alleyn Park.

Mr Morgan was there whom I had not seen for several years.

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