Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, June 12, Saturday 

Very showery. Bell and I walked round Pound Lane, Tye Hill, The Elm and Sibford Ferris, but it was rather more than my leg would stand without protest.

1886, June 13, Sunday

Whitsunday. My leg aches considerably today. Visited Sunday School this morning and attended Choir practice this evening. There were 6 or 7 men present.

1886, June 14, Monday 

Whit Monday. Bank Holiday. Showery and cold. Divine Service at 9.15.

Visited Charles Lines by request of his wife, per Mrs Barton, her sister who, very much in tears, met me as I was coming out of Church. He is landlord of the Bishop Blaise Inn and never comes to Church, though his wife does. I found his aunt, Sally Lines, there. He has been very ill ever since Friday last. He has seven fainting fits when he appears almost dead. He was somewhat revived when I was there. I read to and prayed for him which he appeared to appreciate.

I nursed myself as much as possible the rest of the day.

I learn that our Band are engaged at King’s Sutton Club today. Gardner is to drive them there at a cost of 2/- each, and they are to have £3.10 for the day besides dinner etc, etc.

Visited the Misses Dix.

1886, June 15, Tuesday

Whit Tuesday. Divine Service at 9.15.

Visited Charles Lines who is somewhat better. Also W. Payne who is unwell, and so is his wife.

Mr Bennett, a Solicitor of Banbury, and the Hon. Sec. to the Banbury District Conservative Association called and asked me for the loan of the Schoolroom for a Conservative Meeting (to form a branch association) on Monday evening next at 7.30, which I granted.

1886, June 16, Wednesday 

Went to Banbury C.C. Meeting at Rev. W. S. Buckley’s, Middleton Cheney. Called on Mr Smith, Rector of Tadmarton, and took him with me. It was rather cold for the time of year, but there was no rain. Mt Smith thinks it not fair that I should always take him so we arranged that he should take me to the next meeting of our Society, and that I should leave my horse and carriage at his house till our return.

Visited the Goughs, at Sibford Ferris. Their brother from Birmingham, a very old man, excellent Churchman, and entertaining fellow, retired carpenter, living on his club, is on a visit to them. He was at Church last Sunday, and Bell and I spoke to him after the service. He was not in when we called – his sister said he intended returning to Birmingham tomorrow.

Visited Mr and Mrs Woolgrove.

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