Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, June 3, Thursday 

Ascension Day. Divine Service at 9.15am with Holy Communion and at 7pm. Administered Sick Communion to Fanny Barnes. Her daughter and Mrs Stevens received with her.

My leg is very painful, especially right shin from bruise on Monday night.


1886, June 4, Friday 

Laid my right leg up as much as possible today. Applied wet compress with a little St Jacob’s oil dropped on it. It ought to prove a good remedy as it is a somewhat severe one being much more powerful than a mustard plaister.

1886, June 5, Saturday

Drove to Banbury. Took Frank. Brought out Cassie Hemming on a visit. Attended Special Meeting of Benefit Club. It was resolved that New Rules should be applied for to the actuary who valued the Club. John Lamb offered to collect the money to pay necessary cost.

1886, June 6, Sunday

Thomas Lively died at 1.30 today.

Churched David Hancox’s wife.

Attended choir practice this evening. The men present were James Hone, John West, John Lamb, Joseph Webb, William Rimell, Henry Mannings.

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