Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, April 19, Monday 

Holy week – service at 9.15 am.

Drove Bell out this afternoon. Called on William Webb’s wife at the Pig & Whistle. Visited Widow E. Harris and her daughter Mrs Dolman, also on Mrs Lock.

I spoke to William Barton about the notice to me with respect to the allotments. He admitted that it would not be reasonable to expect the Trustees to take £1 an acre when they could readily get £1.10. And that the latter was by no means an exorbitant rent when it was remembered that the Trustees paid rates and repairs. It is worthy of notice in connexion with this matter of the rents paid for Charity Lands that Barton receives no benefit therefrom.

1886, April 20, Tuesday

Visited Canon Payne. Mr Mann called this evening about the draining he has had done for me. Soon after he came in David Hone called for his money. I gave it to Mr Mann to pay him. He said it was 8/- with which Hone was “for once in his life” satisfied. I offered to pay Mr Mann for the tiles used, but he said I was welcome to them, they were not many and they were surplusage lying in his farm. He had no use for them and was sure the college would not object to their being used for such a purpose on the glebe of a parish in its gift : and that he could mention it to the authorities on the first opportunity. He made me a present of the cost of carriage and I thanked him for the trouble he had taken in the matter. He stayed an hour or two and made himself very pleasant.

1886, April 22, Thursday 

Divine Service 9.15 am.

Drove to Banbury and took duty at Savings Bank from 11 – 2.

Rev James Hodgson, for 34 years Vicar of Bloxham, was buried today. I was invited to attend the funeral, but could not go, being due at the Savings Bank.

Mr Joseph Woolgrove called this evening and asked me to summon the Church Vestry Meeting for Easter Monday as usual at 10 am which I promised to do.

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