Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, April 7, Wednesday 

Rain and high wind.

Visited Sarah Hone. W. Barton’s wife was there – I spoke to her about the allotments. She said they would not like to give up their 7/6 piece.

I saw a lamb of Lewis Poulton’s lying in field as though it were nearly dead – and called on his wife at the house to direct their attention to it. When Mrs P. and myself entered the field, the lamb jumped up and ran away.

Visited Benjamin Aris, Widow Bond, Thomas Barnes, Henry Harris.

Divine Service at 7 pm with sermon. 40 present.

William Payne came to ask me to witness signature of himself and Lewis Poulton to draw club money from Banbury Savings Bank. Poulton signed in Vestry after Service. The Club is doing very badly.

1886, April 8, Thursday 

Bell and I called on Rev H. Merritt White at “Burdrop House”. We saw him, but not Mrs W. who was “nursing the baby”.

Visited Mrs Shelswell, Mrs John  Barnes and Mr James Rimell.

1886, April 9, Friday

Cold rain and slight snow this morning. Bell and I visited George Harris’s children and Mrs Harris this afternoon. Visited and taught in School this afternoon.

1886, April 10, Saturday

Visited Hannah Simmons, Austin Gardner and Elizabeth Harris.

Frederick Inns called this evening about the Church Accounts. He wanted my “Vestry Book”, but I copied out for him the names of subscribers and gave him the list.

1886, April 11, Sunday

Attended Sunday School this morning and Choir practice this evening. A heavy thunderstorm took place between 1 and 2.

1886, April 12, Monday

I have employed Mark Barnes to do the whitewashing required at the Heath Farm. Today he asked me to advance him 4/- to purchase a brush which I did.

1886, April 13, Tuesday 

Attended meeting of Banbury Clergy Club at Rev P.R. Egerton’s, S. Mary’s School, Bloxham. I called for Rev Mr Smith Rector of Tadmarton, and drove him there and back.

We read Enod XL ad fin and discussed “Age of Candidates for Confirmation”.

“Enod” may be a reference to The Book of Enoch.

1886, April 14, Wednesday

Visited George Payne whose eyesight appears to be failing him.

Taught in School.

Drove Bell to Brailes. Called on Mr Smith who has been very ill, but is now somewhat better. He said I was the first of his neighbours whom he had been strong enough to see.

Divine Service at 7 pm. About 50 present.

Visited Dr Routh and asked him to withdraw his resignation of Trusteeship. Told him that his name could only be removed by Charity Commissioners after certain formalities.

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