Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, February 22, Monday 

My cold is better, but not gone.

Slight fall of snow.

Visited School this afternoon.

Buried David Hone, age 85.

Charles Holder called and asked about land which Trustees will have to let at Michaelmas. I told him there would be a meeting for letting the land in allotments. He said John Lively wanted to give up his 2 acres. I afterwards ascertained that Lively does not want to give up the land.

The meeting for Sunday Closing of public houses was held this evening. I did not go as I had a cold, and the meeting having been held at a different time from that arranged with me I did not feel any responsibility in the matter.

Webb returned to his work.

1886, February 23, Tuesday 

The ground was covered with a thin coating of snow this morning.

Webb drove Mr Davies to Banbury on his way to Peterborough to see the Bishop about Hellidon, but he took funeral of Hannah Keene for me before he went.

Late Mr Wells was buried in Quakers’ ground this afternoon.

1886, February 24, Wednesday 

Bright and frosty.

Rev. Ambrose Short came and inspected School in Religious Knowledge.

Mr Cox rector of Hook Norton, his sister-in-law, Miss Fagan, and Mrs Davies were here to luncheon.

Paid Charles Barnes for 23 days work during Webb’s illness.

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