Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, February 15, Monday 

Taught in School this morning.

Mr Mann who is Way Warden came to me and asked me to look at a place in Church Close which wanted draining because a footpath in adjoining field belonging to Major Goddard, and tenanted by Lewis Poulton, was almost always wet. He seemed to think that I was legally responsible for the water in Major Goddard’s field because there was a small place in mine which wanted draining. I showed him the absurdity of such a notion, but at the same time said that as a neighbour etc I was quite willing to set a good example, and if he, as Way Warden, would get the matter done to his satisfaction, I would pay the cost.

Visited John Barnes’s wife, who is ill, and administered to her and her daughter and Mrs S. the Holy Communion.

Visited D. Hone and Widow James Barnes.

1886, February 16, Tuesday

Attended meeting of Banbury Clerical Club at Wigginton Rectory. Drove through Swalcliffe Grange Farm and took Frank as far as Wigginton Heath to open the gates. It was intensely cold. On my return, through Hook Norton, I met Dr Routh who asked me whether I would be willing to superintend Examination of School of Art at Sibford Friends’ School. He is Secretary but could not undertake the matter entirely. I said I would do what I could.

Mrs Davies was here to tea. Miss S. Dix called.

1886, February 17, Wednesday 

Visited Hannah Keene. Administered Holy Communion to her, her son Richard from Lillingstone Lovell, her daughter from Sulgrave, and Emma Lines, who is nursing her. Mr R. Lamb takes an interest in her and promises to see that she shall want for nothing.

Miss S. Dix called to show me a note she had received from Canon Payne of Swalcliffe about the rent she is asking for her house at Swalcliffe and which Mr Merritt White, who is probably coming as his curate, wishes to take. She asks £25 per annum for it or £21 without Stable and Orchard. Mr Payne says it is an “exorbitant” rent; bust as she gave £500 for the house a very few years ago and has spent £35 in repairs during 5 years, it allows her considerably less than 4 per cent for her money ; and this cannot be exorbitant.

1886, February 18, Thursday

Attended Board of Guardians Meeting at Banbury. Took Mr and Mrs Davies and Frank in.

Old Mr Wills a very lame man (a quaker, uncle to Mr John Wills) who has lodged with Mr Elley for some time, died suddenly aged 84. He had been poorly since Wednesday, but up to that time had been wonderfully well and active, though “stone deaf”.

David Hone died aged 82.

1886, February 19, Friday 

Buried Mary Evans, aged 70.

Visited John Reason, Hannah Keene, Hannah Simmons, Mrs Elley, Mr W. Fox, Phoebe Payne.

Intensely cold today. I had a severe shivering fit this evening. Never felt so queer in all my life.

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