Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1886, January 11, Monday 


Received letter from Mr E. Robinson, a Wykhamist, M.A. Balliol who wants me to join him in taking two houses for pupils at St Leonard’s. He invited me to meet him in Beaumont Street, Oxford this morning. He appears to be staying with his mother in law Mrs Rowden, widow of the late Registrar of the University. Of course I could neither meet him nor telegraph to him. I wrote, however, a pretty long letter, saying I could meet him by appointment after Friday next.

Visited Elizabeth Holland (not at home).

Mr Davies and I walked round Pig & Whistle and Pound Lane.

1886, January 12, Tuesday

Frost set in last night after the thaw. The roads are extremely slippery. Sarah Lines’s baby died.

Mrs John Adkins called and asked whether she might send her children to our School. They have been going to Miss Shimmelds, but now want a master. I said she might send them, and as she had a large family the fee would be at present 3d. per week. She had been paying 6d. each and providing copy books and pens.

Jesse Bishop called about repairs to gates etc on the Heath Farm. I told him he had better wait till the Trustees’ Meeting.

I have received no replies to my advertisement to Ecclesiastical Patrons except the accompanying Postcard. When it came I doubted whether I ought even to waste a postage stamp over the writer; but I thought I would at least see what would come of it. I therefore replied saying that I should be glad to hear from the writer if he had any proposition to make regarding my advertisement in order that if it should seem desirable I might make arrangements to call on him.

Postcard pasted into diary:

38 Warwick Gardens
Kensington Jan 1/86

Should you be this way 10 to 4 favor me with a call, but on no account inconvenience yourself

B C Jones

I received another halfpenny card in reply saying that he was writing in the interests of another, that he would not put me to the trouble of a journey and in short that he did not know anything that would interest me. I fear I have destroyed this second card. What could have been his motive? Not mere curiosity:- for then he would have asked me for particulars in the first place.. Probably plunder, in some way or other.

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