Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, December 26, Saturday 

St Stephen’s Day. Divine Service at 9.15.

Mr Thomas Hitchcox called and asked me whether I would sell him my dog-cart. As I have not used it for more than two years and Webb seems afraid of driving the mare in it. I sold it to him for £4.10, he to give George Harris, my tenant 10/- for his trouble, as it has been standing in his coach house for a long time. I bought the dogcart of Dr Milburn for £16 ten years ago: but it wants doing up, for which the maker asks £10.

The Sibford Brass Band came round. I gave them 2/- on my own account and 10/- from Mr. Davies, towards their uniform clothing fund. The weather is very seasonable; dry and frosty with a little snow on the ground. Hitherto the winter has not been at all severe.

Visited Hannah Keene.

1885, December 27, Sunday 

Taught in Boys’ School this morning.

Published Banns of Marriage between Pensioner William Green, Sibford Ferris, and Kate Herbert, of Addington near Croydon.

1885, December 28, Monday

Innocents’ Day. Divine Service at 9.15.

Visited Misses Dix.

Mr Davies and I walked nearly to Galley Hill and back at night.

Galley Hill is possibly the hill now mapped as Gallow Hill

1885, December 29, Tuesday

Visited Mr Ainge, and saw his son John who now keeps his bed. He is about 31 years of age and appears to have been always feeble both in mind and body. They could never get him to work. He is now as I think in a decline. I have called several times to see him since he has more or less kept his bed but had not seen him till today.

I also visited Mrs Morris at “Burdrop House”, and Mrs John Shelswell and Miss Clarke. Mrs Henry Shelswell is away from home.

Visited Mr George Dix who is nearly blind ; but I think his deafness is not so great as it was. His breathing is bad, which prevents his getting out. It is difficult to hold a conversation with him.

Snow fell at night. Thomas Lamb and John West called on behalf of the Brass Band and asked me for the use of the School room for a Band Supper next Wednesday (tomorrow) week. Which I was very happy to grant them. They invited me to the Supper and asked me to invite others. It was agreed that I should invite the Rev G. Davies, Mr Norris of London and Burdrop, Mr R. B. Oddie, Sibford Ferris, Mr Woolgrove and Mr Rimell. They had invited Mr Elley. Mr Davies said he did not care to come. I gave them 12 tickets for the Library Tea, and told them I would arrange with the Bandmaster what tunes they should play. They seemed much pleased, as did all the members, when I first proposed that they should play at the Entertainment.

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