Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, December 9, Wednesday 

Walked on the Pier and all about the town of Bournemouth this morning.

Returned to London arriving at Dr Hole’s about 9 pm after a very long and cold journey.

Dr Hole went to Ware yesterday to speak at a public meeting on behalf of the B. and F. Bible Society, and returned today.

Mr Davies kindly took the service for me at Sibford this evening

I dined today at The Albany Temperance Restaurant and Hotel, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, W. Cooper, Proprietor. I was very well satisfied with the cooking, the cleanliness of the place, and the moderate charges. The company one meets in these places is the most disagreeable thing about them. Very different from what one is accustomed in a first class hotel, and that is the only thing I object to in them. One feels scarcely safe when sitting at table with a man who makes an abnormal use of his knife, and the other noises some people make whilst eating are not conducive to one’s own enjoyment of a meal.

1885, December 10, Thursday 

Slight snow on the ground.

Dr Hole and I walked about South Hampstead this morning. It is an excellent neighbourhood and the houses are very good. Many new ones are in course of erection.

This afternoon Dr Hole went to Ely – and I went to Canonbury to see Aunt Emma. She told me that Tom Howe and his father had become reconciled since the death of Mrs Wells whose property goes to Tom and the rest.

I got back to Goldhurst Terrace at about 9 pm.

At Bournemouth yesterday I went over some new houses, one of which would suit us and Rosa very well as it has good rooms on the ground floor so that she could be accommodated without difficulty. The address is Burslem House near St Peter’s Church. Agents Keene & Son, 1 Regent Terrace., Bournemouth. It has a level entrance through a conservatory porch. Ground floor 4 rooms and WC. Lift from kitchen to what I must call “upper basement”. 2 staircases. South aspect. 5 bedrooms on each of two floors. W.C. on each floor: pleasure gardens at back.

1885, December 11, Friday 

Went to Surbiton to see a School and premises which were for transfer but the outside and surroundings were sufficient. I turned up my nose, turned on my heel and returned to London arriving at Goldhurst Terrace : found that Hole was also returned from Ely.

1885, December 12, Saturday

Returned to Sibford, arriving at Banbury at 3.20 pm. Very cold. Skating going on at Oxford and at Broughton, but the frost is breaking up.

Bought a bird cage at Whiteley’s this morning as a birthday present for Rosa.

1885, December 13, Sunday 

Taught in Boys’ School this morning.

Two baptisms and one churching this afternoon. Attended Choir practice this evening.

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