Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Thursday, 19th November, 1885 

Sent a pair of some skates to Harry.

Miss S. Dix called this morning and showed me a letter from Stockton of Banbury, Solicitor, and agent for the Radicals asking her to lend her house for the use of the political party to which she is strongly opposed, (Samuelson being a Liberationist) and quoting scripture in the most disgustingly hypocritical way in support of his application.

Visited W. Holland, Joshua Dale, Thomas Holland (not in), Widow Hancox (not in), George Hone, Thomas Green, Thomas Henry Hone, John West, William Hall, Sarah Hone, Edward Fox, Benjamin Messenger, George Spicer and Anna Young.

Visited Sibford Ferris allotments where the road mending goes on slowly.

Friday, 20th November, 1885 

Frost gone – cold and raw – some rain.

Webb drove Mrs Stevens and Mrs Davies to Shenington to call on Mrs Daniel Shelswell who was not at home.

I wrote to my brother Richard at Chesterfield, MacCoupin County, Illinois, U.S.A. Also to Aunt Emma, 4 Clephane Road, Canonbury.

Saturday, 21st November, 1885

Buried Richard Wilson. Visited Mr George Dix, W. Payne, Decimus Alcock (out), W. Barton, W. Barton’s niece and Haynes (from Swalcliffe). The latter, a very young woman, quite a girl in fact, told me she was only married last Sunday. She told me she was a Wesleyan and her husband a Baptist.

Visited J. Holland, Widow Hancox, Joseph Green (another recent immigrant from Swalcliffe), Eliza Harris, Charlotte Harris, Thomas Wilks, Widow Lamb, Ezra Green, Widow Hunt, Thomas Aris, Widow Bond, Anna Aris (out), W. Coleman (out), Jesse Green, Joshua Green.

Attended Band practice.

Mr French of Hook Norton sent one of Carter’s carrying chairs for us to try with Rosa, but it is of no use with our steep stair case.

Monday, 23rd November, 1885

Distribution of coals commenced.

David Hone, who has not paid his allotment rent, sent his wife to ask for coal ticket. He would be sure to pay his rent on Wednesday as he had sold some Swedes which Reuben Sabin was to take in to Banbury on that day and would then receive the money for them. I let her have the ticket, and she paid the rent during the week.

Bessie wrote to Bell about the house in Richmond Terrace, Bayswater, which was given to Harriet for her life. The remainder of the lease, or rather the reversion, is to be sold, and Bessie thinks of purchasing it.

W. Lamb, assistant overseer, called for poor rates.

Tuesday, 24th November, 1885

Webb drove Mrs Davies to Banbury to catch the 2.20 L&NW train to London.

Mr Wynne, the Conservative Candidate, called this afternoon, and at hos request I got Charles Barnes to shopw him the way round the village and act as his nomenclator.

Received a Mourning Card from Mr T. P. Howe announcing the death of Mrs Wells on November 17th age 76.

Ruridecanal Chapter at Banbury Vicarage. The rain kept me at home.

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