Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, October 29, Thursday

Annie Martin left for Southsea. P. Webb drove her and Bell to Banbury.

Taught in School this afternoon.

Harmer & Co, Government Contractors of Norwich, sent me wholesale price list of military overcoats (2nd hand and surplus stock) for Labourers, etc. I printed some notices and sent them out by children to effect that if any would like these coats they might come to me at the SSchoolroom at 7 o’clock next Saturday evening. I sent to Harmer & Co for samples.

Visited Mr Dix.

Mr and Mrs Davies here to tea. He and I went for a walk in afternoon as far as Epwell White House. On return and all evening as well as next day I was in much pain ob penem attritum. Routh visited Harry 4th time.

ob penem attritum – because of a sore penis

1885, October 31, Saturday

Wet nearly all day. Davies called this afternoon.

Received letter from my brother and one from his daughter Lily May, Chesterfield MacCoupin County, Illinois.

Postponed selling coats as samples had not come.

1885, November 1, Sunday 

Taught in School this morning, and attended Choir practice this evening.

Holy Communion Collections at both services for organ fund but they realised only £1.6.2 which I handed it over to Mr Woolgrove who said he would pay Mr Mann what was due to him and let that due to himself stand over for the present.

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