Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, October 19, Monday 

I drove Mr Davies to Banbury on his way to Mold.

Paid £34.8.4 into London & County Bank at Banbury for my account at Oxford.

1885, October 20, Tuesday

Drove Bell, Annie Martin and Frank to Shenington. Called on the Bride and Bridegroom Mrs and Mr Daniel Shelswell, who were much pleased to see us.

My mare had not been to that house since Mr Milburn had her at the least, and yet she remembered the way much better than I did – though I had been only once before – when I preached a Club sermon at Shenington some years ago.

Today I sent to Mr Frowde, Amen Corner, Publisher to the Clarendon Press, a portion of manuscript of “The Teaching of the Book of Common Prayer, Simplified, for the children of the Church, and illustrated from the Scriptures”, asking whether they would publish it on terms to be arranged. I had previously been in communication with Mr Frowde and received a letter from him asking me to send him a portion of the manuscript for examination.

1885, October 21, Wednesday 

Visited School and taught.

Visited Eliza Lamb. Miss Dix and Mrs Davies called.

Received a note from Canon Payne, saying that owing to the ill health of Mrs Line, his coachman’s wife, he had been compelled to forbid her taking on any other persons’ washing. She has done ours exceedingly well ever since we have been here; but seems to have lately extended her business in that way, and as I have heard a number of times, taken to drink. Canon Payne’s resolve puts us to great inconvenience, as we cannot get another laundress in the neighbourhood.

1885, October 22, Thursday

Harry, being very unwell with a bad cold and generally out of sorts, I sent for Routh to see him. He says he has a slight attack of erysipelas in right eye and congestion of liver.

1885, October 24, Saturday 

Rain all day.

My birthday. Aet 53. God grant that I may be better as I grow older and that the new year on which I enter today may be happier than the last. My cares increase very rapidly.

Conservative Meeting in Schoolroom this evening. I took the Chair. Mr Mosey, from London was the Lecturer. Mr Prescott from Banbury Conservative Association also spoke. Mr C. Fortescue and his downstairs clerk were also present. I did not ask them down to supper as Harry was ill and Rosa upstairs.

Bonner called, accompanied by his son. He said he was about to resign his post of Relieving Officer, which he had held 33 years; and been absent from Guardians Meeting only once – on which occasion he had to attend magistrates meeting to prosecute a man for rape of his half witted daughter.

He introduced his son as desiring to succeed him.

1885, October 25, Sunday

Taught in Boys’ School this morning, and attended Choir practice this evening.

Visited Mr and Mrs Davies. The doctor visited Harry for 3rd time. He is better, but did not go out today.

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