Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, October 1, Thursday 

Sent £3.8 from Harvest offerings to Horton Infirmary Banbury and £3 to Radcliffe at Oxford.

Mr Summerton, father of our new Baker, sent his daughter to me two days before the Harvest Festival and offered to make a peck loaf and give it as an offering. On the Saturday night he sent it in, hot from the oven, and a very handsome loaf it was. I placed it with the Sacramental Elements on what we use as Credence table , and it harmonised extremely well with its surroundings. The Misses Dix distributed it and the fruit used for decoration etc among the poor people, especially widows, at my request during the week.

A peck loaf was made with a peck of flour, a peck being 2 gallons, about 9 litres, resulting in a loaf weighing about 8 kg.

Visited Mrs Shelswell to see Marion’s large and valuable collection of wedding gifts. We took Rosa, and Webb, Harry and myself carried her up stairs to see them.

I preached a Harvest Sermon for Rev D. Mozley at Wigginton this evening. Took Mr Davies and Webb with me. We remained to supper, returned through Hook Norton and had a very dark drive home.

1885, October 2, Friday 

Harry was excessively rude to me when I remonstrated with him about his debts and allowing me to be insulted and annoyed with dunning postcards and letters.

Very wild and dark night.

1885, October 3, Saturday

Mr Davies and I took walk this afternoon intending to go to Brailes, but the rain rather hindered us, and George Spicer’s wife met me and asked me to go and baptize Thomas Adkins’s baby which was in a bad way, so I had to return at 5 o’clock for the purpose.

1885, October 4, Sunday

Very cold.

Preached a Harvest Sermon at Tadmarton Church this evening and took supper with the Rector, Mr Smith and his family afterwards. There was a capital congregation and the singing was very hearty though rough. The “twang” is entirely different from that of Sibford, though only 3 miles off. I noticed the same thing at Shenington 5 miles distant, a few years ago. Webb drove me there, and I walked back.

1885, October 5, Monday

Visited John Reason who has wonderfully recovered from the paralytic stroke he had last year, though he is not able to work.

Annie Martin came on visit.

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