Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, August 13, Thursday 

Sent Hughes “copy” for Index to Proper Names in Analytics for Greek English Series. Also a copy of Alcestis in A.C.S.

Attended School Attendance Committee at Banbury.

Visited Miss Dix and Charles Legge. The latter was down stairs. I spoke to him of patience under affliction and gratitude to the persons who had done their best for him.

Mrs and Miss Cochrane, from Hook Norton were here to tea.

Mr Davies came in the evening.

1885, August 14, Friday 

Visited School this morning.

Gave Sunday School children their annual treat. There were 76 boys and girls, about 30 mothers and babies. Misses Dix (3), Misses Mann (2), Miss Shelswell, Ada Padbury and Sally Fox, Mr and Mrs Elley.

Gave 6 framed pictures and texts and 8 books as prizes.

Injured my finger at cricket with boys in field.

Harry Manning called and asked me to give him a good character to the Post Master at Banbury who wants someone to take our postman’s place for a week whilst he goes for his holiday. I said I would do so.

I then asked Harry Manning about the child which his mother has in her care and which is said to be his. He said that the mother was a young woman named Emma Bull, of Overthorpe near Banbury who was a servant at the hotel in Leamington where he was employed as Boots. He pleaded guilty as to having had anything to do with her and said he was quite ashamed of it. I spoke to him seriously about the sin and the foolishness of his conduct.

The woman is 6 years older than he, was engaged to be married to a man in Banbury all the time she was living at Leamington – and used to visit him at Banbury – and he visited her. She placed herself in communication with Elizabeth Manning who took the child without saying a word to the lad about it. I told him I thought he had been very badly treated, that he was not bound to stay in Sibford and ruin his prospects in life – nor was he bound to maintain the child except under an affiliation order. I warned him against such conduct in future. His mother is, I fear, a woman of extremely loose character, and does not care what she does so that she may have her boys at home to pay her rent and maintain her.

1885, August 17, Monday

Drove to Banbury and brought Dr Hole out on a visit.

Mr Elley left for his holiday – goes to Brighton.

1885, August 18, Tuesday

Drove Dr Hole and Edith Brookes to Compton Wynyates.

My injured right index finger very troublesome from injury in cricket field last Friday.

Walked with Dr Hole in evening.

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