Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Sunday, 2nd August, 1885 

Preached two sermons on behalf of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. 40 communicants. Prayer for Rain in afternoon. Collections £2.12.3. There was a singular absence of farmers. Mr Mann, James Rimell and Isaac Padbury not there at all. Mr Woolgrove was there twice.

Walter Mann and his sisters Elizabeth and Louisa were there in the morning only.

Visited Mrs Shelswell and the Misses Dix.

Miss Shelswell and Mrs Milburn called to see Rosa.

Monday, 3rd August, 1885

Slight rain this evening.

Took Bell, Chrissie Henderson and Frank to the annual prize-giving and concert at Bloxham School.

Tuesday, 4th August, 1885

Much rain, but very gentle. A little Thunder and Lightning.

The “Town Well” near my house, and from which our supply as well as that for most of cottages round comes was very much fouled by the water from the road this evening. I therefore called on John Adkins who lately did the work at the pond and told him of the circumstance as he had to work at the well too. He came up with me and looked at it and promised to send up some cement in the morning.

Rev Mr and Mrs Davies called and staid to tea.

Miss Dix called and gave me 5/- from Mrs Way towards the Collection for the R.A.B.I.

Visited Widow Charlotte Harris, Sarah Hone, David Hone, T. H. Hone, John West, C. Legge, Thomas Lively.

Thursday, 6th August, 1885 

Drove to Banbury. Bell, Chrissie Henderson, Edith Brooks and Frank accompanying me.

Chrissie Henderson left us to stay with Mrs Hood at Banbury for a few days.

Thunderstorm with rain this evening.

Saturday, 8th August, 1885

Received ½lb. box of very new cigars per parcels post from Cardiff with J. J. M’s compliments. I afterwards found that  J. J. M is Julius Mann, Mr M’s elder son who is an engineer on board a coal ship.

Bonner called. Said Schoolmistress was about to leave Epwell.

Dixit etiam Willium curatum provocasse quendam e suis parochialibus secum pugnare in aperta via ob aliquid factum eius pueris ad scholam.

He also said that Willy the Curate had challenged one of his parishioners to fight with him in the open street on account of something done by his boys at school.

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