Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, June 11, Thursday 

St Barnabas. Divine Service at 9.15 am.

Visited Emma Horsman at her mother’s. She is very ill and her mind is affected. She can talk, and occasionally give a rational answer. But she speaks in a peculiar and high key.

Visited Thomas Henry Hone whose baby is very bad. They do not think he will recover, as the Doctor gives no hopes of him. But I have hopes he will get better, as he has a good mother and is evidently taken care of.

Visited David Hone junior, Ezra Green, Henry Bishop, widow Thomas Lamb, William Barton. Measles in almost every house at Burdrop.

1885, June 12, Friday

Visited Emma Horsman, Thomas Henry Hone, Charles Legge.

Buried Thomas Holland age 8. The first child of our school who has died since I have been here, over 10 years, and for several years previously. The poor child was I fear much neglected – and was semi-idiotic. I have had to put his name on the Exemption list for H.M. Inspector 2 or 3 years. He could not learn his letters and told Mr Elley “he didn’t want to”. I hear that the poor child had no bed to sleep on nor even a mattress – only some old clothes. yet the father is in constant work and the family receives considerable help from the charity estates.

Miss Mawle who is on a visit to Miss Dix called this afternoon.

Mr Willy, curate of Epwell called.

1885, June 14, Sunday

Very fine and hot summer day.

Prayers in Church for Emma Horsman whom I visited after Service this afternoon but found her insensible. Her husband was there – also her sister Mary Monroe.

Visited Miss Somerton, Mrs Dix, Mr George Dix and T. H. Hone.

Taught in boys’ school and visited Girls’ School. More boys than girls were present.

Attended Choir practice this evening.

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