Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, May 10, Sunday 

Fine but rather cold.

Baptized C. Legge’s child Jane. Spoke to Mr Timms about a boy he has in his employ and who ought to be at school, the case having been mentioned at the School Attendance Committee meeting.

1885, May 11, Monday

Fine. Cold. Drove Bell round Epwell, Shutford and Tadmarton this afternoon.

Both Bell and self called at Dr Routh’s this evening. Saw only Mrs R.

1885, May 12, Tuesday

Bell and I walked round Pound Lane and Sibford Ferris this evening.

Received letter from Hughes about the A.C.S. etc which have been very much delayed through his oversight or something else, perhaps his illness. I had written him several times without receiving any reply. I wrote to him again today.

Mary Lively came down to ask for some wine for her husband.

1885, May 13, Wednesday 

I placed £500 of Bessie’s loan on deposit at the London and County Bank Oxford and received Deposit note today. The interest is only 2 per cent at present at one week’s notice.

Miss Norris sent for her wheelchair.

Drove Bell and Frank out this afternoon.

Showery and cold.

Wrote to Mr Norris telling him that the School Attendance Committee, having had the mother of the boy Lines of Swalcliffe before them had ordered her to apply for his admission to Swalcliffe School, as she and her husband refused to accept our offer to receive him at Sibford.

Visited Miss Dix this evening.

1885, May 14, Thursday

Ascension Day. Divine Service at 9.15 am followed by Holy Communion.

Administered H.C. to Rosa and Bell at home.

Frank in bed poorly. Attack of measles feared as they are prevalent in the parish.

Visited Henry Bishop, Mrs Shelswell, Lewis Poulton, William Hall, Thomas Holland, John West, Mr William Fox.

Divine Service with sermon at 7 pm.

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