Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, March 26, Thursday 

Attended Guardians meeting at Banbury.

Brought the very foul condition of Sibford Pond before the Rural Sanitary Authority.

Visited Thomas Messenger in the Infirmary of the Union. he looked very ill, and seemed grateful for all that was done for him. He was up and dressed, but looked more fit for bed.

1885, March 27, Friday

Bright cold morning.

Visited School and gave prizes for Religious Knowledge on report of Diocesan Inspector.

Visited Decimus Alcock (not in), David Hone senior.

Longmans returned “See and Say” with polite note of rejection.

Mr John Spraggett called with his little boy Victor and brought me a sovereign towards the organ fund from his mother in law – Mrs Harris that was. Sent the same to Mr Mann.

Buried Jane Legge.

Mr Norris of Swalcliffe wrote asking me whether we would allow a Swalcliffe boy to come to our school. He had been expelled from Swalcliffe School because the Governesses (4 in succession) could not manage him. I consulted with Mr Elley and replied that we would give the boy a trial, but that if he wanted “a good thrashing” we must send him back to Swalcliffe to get it.

Mr Shilson of Banbury called to introduce to me Mr Lawson of Wardington who is a candidate for the post of Medical Officer for one of the districts now vacant, in the Banbury Union. He seemed a very superior and able man and I was glad to be able to promise him my vote.

1885, March 28, Saturday 

Bonner called. Visited Thomas Wilks who had a stroke of Paralysis yesterday.

Visited Canon Payne who is better.

1885, March 29, Sunday

Cold wind. Attended Boys School in morning and Choir practice in evening.

Mr Mann came into the Vestry after morning service and proposed that instead of making a collection at Easter from those who occupy pews to pay church expenses, we should have four church collections in th eyear. I told him I thought it would not answer, but that if the congregation wished to give the plan a trial I had no great objection, though I preferred the old plan – as I objected to having constantly to make appeals for money from the pulpit.

Mrs Woolgrove and Miss Dix came to see Rosa this evening.

Ann West came to the Vestry after afternoon service about her proposed confirmation.

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