Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, March 16, Monday 

Fine morning.

Drove to Epwell and called on Mr. Willy in reply to a note asking me to take any occasional duty for him during the week as he wished to go to London.

I reached his house at 10.45 but none of the family were astir. I waited till he dressed.

Drove to Heath Farm and saw Jesse Bishop and his wife. They want garden wall repaired, range removed from back kitchen, and fence round garden, and house coloured and papered. But he did not give me a satisfactory reply about his proposed Bondsmen.

Drove thence to Brailes with some Four Shire Books. Saw Mr and Mrs Smith. Mr Hunt of the B. and F. Bible Society was there.

Visited Mrs Turner and gave her a receipt for £1.1. the fee for her husband’s tombstone – as she might want to present it among the accounts for his funeral. I told her that I would not take a fee for a tombstone to the memory of a Churchwarden.

Visited Jane Legge, Thomas Green, Benjamin Messenger, George Hone, Mrs Shelswell and Widow Hancox.

1885, March 17, Tuesday 

Provided 4 cotton print dresses and caps etc for four poor married women to be confirmed in, and asked Mrs Shelswell, Mrs Turner, Mrs Rymill and Miss Dix to give them but not to let my name be connected with them.

Mr Oddie called about School of Art in connexion with that at Banbury recently established at his School at Sibford Ferris. He asked me to sign the Form as a Member of the Committee, and to visit the Class occasionally. It is held on Tuesday mornings, from 11 to 12.30. Mr Beale of the Banbury School of Art is the master.

John Adkins called about Mr George Turner’s grave-stone which is ready. I told him Mrs Turner had paid me the fee.

1885, March 18, Wednesday 

Very cold wind.

Drive Bell and Frank to Hook Norton.

Called on Mr. Cox and Miss Godson, neither at home. On our return we called on the Pettiphers. Mrs P. senior was very gracious.

Divine Service at 7 pm.

Sent prospectus of “See and Say” a new English Primer to Longmans. They replied that they would be glad to see the manuscript. But they returned it in a few days accompanied by a copy of a letter from a gentleman who is preparing a new series of Reading Books for them to the effect that the Primer he was preparing was constructed on similar lines, and declining to publish mine. I had asked for a sum of money for part copyright, to be debited to the Book.

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