Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, January 30, Friday 

Visited Mrs Shelswell. Mr F Mann’s 3 daughters and his son Walker were there to tea.

Visited John Horsman and his wife and boy. All progressing, but unable to get about.

1885, January 31, Saturday

Rain in morning, wind and sunshine in afternoon.

Visited Thomas Barnes, Vincent Harris.

William Hall spoke to me about hedge around Plantation at Heath which wants laying. Mrs Shelswell called.

1885, February 2, Monday

Purification B.V.M. Divine Service at 9.15.

Very high wind and rain early this morning, which continued nearly all day.

Visited Anna Young, Widow Humphrey Sabin, James Tay.

1885, February 3, Tuesday

Miss Somerton called to ask me to sign her annuity receipt.

Wrote Dr Hole a letter of sympathy on death of his married daughter Edith.

Visited School, William Gaydon, J. Dyer, John Coleman, Thomas Coleman.

1885, February 4, Wednesday

Much rain.

Ellen Hone called and asked for some money to buy firing as her boy had come home from his work wet through and she had no fire to dry his clothes. I gave her a shilling – and told her not to come to me again until she could show her desire to carry out my wishes in getting rid of the man who is living with her.

1885, February 5, Thursday

Attended Guardians meeting at Banbury. Webb drove and I took Frank.

Met Mr Gerahty in Banbury. Called at Canon Payne’s to enquire after his health.

Ellen Hone sent a begging note to Mrs Stevens during my absence today.

Anna Aris called about her grandson Tom who appears to be a very bad fellow.

1885, February 6, Friday

Rain and high wind.

Received note from Canon Payne asking me to take a wedding at his church next Tuesday at 10.30 as he was too unwell to promise to take it.

Visited Anna Aris and spoke to her grandson Tom – who has no work and treats her badly. She says he must go to the workhouse, as she cannot keep him. The boy seems very much worse than he was before he went away from Sibford.

Great excitement about the fate of Khartoum  and the capture or death of the heroic General Gordon.

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