Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, January 25, Sunday 

Taught in Boys School this morning.

Rev Mr Fessenden preached this afternoon for S.P.G. He is Rector of Chippewa in Diocese of Niagara. He came in cab from Broughton which took him to Bloxham after tea.

Attended Choir practice this evening.

1885, January 26, Monday  b

Buried Benjamin Aris senior aged 83.

Visited Widow Thomas Manning, John Manning, Sibford Ferris and John Reason.

1885, January 27, Tuesday 

Report received from H. M. School Inspector.

59 presented
56 passed in reading
50 passed in writing
44 passed in arithmetic

i.e. 85 per cent. Some severe remarks about needlework and infants ; but higher report for general efficiency and better grant than we have had before.

Visited School and spoke to children about their passing and otherwise.

Returned Rev A. Short’s Subscription to Sibford Parsonage account, £3.3, and interest 16/6 – as I see no hope of getting new house and his was the only subscription I received in reply to my advertisement and letters when I first came out here.

Drove Bell to see Mrs Mann and Mrs Woolgrove.

1885, January 28, Wednesday 

Wrote note to Robert Austin asking him to write letter to Trustees specifying what addition he would require to the Buildings at the Heath Field Barn if he were accepted as tenant for lower side only.

Meeting of Trustees of Town Estates held in Schoolroom this afternoon at 2. Mr John Hitchcock took Chair, Mr Norris and Canon Payne being too unwell to come. All present except Mr Mann voted to let the whole of Heath Farm to Jesse Bishop at £120, the rent it is now let at. As there was not a majority of existing trustees voting in favour of this Resolution I sent a note this evening to Canon Payne and to Mr Norris who sent me their written votes in favour of Jesse Bishop which settles the business.

Visited Dr Routh (not in) also Mr Woolgrove.

1885, January 30, Friday

Visited Mrs Shelswell. Mr F Mann’s 3 daughters and his son Walker were there to tea.

Visited John Horsman and his wife and boy. All progressing, but unable to get about.

1885, January 31, Saturday

Rain in morning, wind and sunshine in afternoon.

Visited Thomas Barnes, Vincent Harris.

William Hall spoke to me about hedge around Plantation at Heath which wants laying. Mrs Shelswell called.

1885, February 2, Monday

Purification B.V.M. Divine Service at 9.15.

Very high wind and rain early this morning, which continued nearly all day.

Visited Anna Young, Widow Humphrey Sabin, James Tay.

1885, February 3, Tuesday

Miss Somerton called to ask me to sign her annuity receipt.

Wrote Dr Hole a letter of sympathy on death of his married daughter Edith.

Visited School, William Gaydon, J. Dyer, John Coleman, Thomas Coleman.

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