Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, January 14, Wednesday 

Received note from David Ainge saying he would like to take the upper part of Sibford Heath Farm now or at a future time but not making any offer. I wrote that if he would make an offer I would bring it before the Trustees.

Miss S. Dix called to ask me about the School at Littlemore, late Mr Hurst’s, as they think of sending Henry Thame for a few months. I told her they had better refer to Mr Green, the Vicar.

Buried Zilpah Rimell’s baby.

Mr Harold Goad, upholsterer etc, 4 Crop Street, Barnstaple wrote to me about account Harry owes him. I replied, but did not pay it. Harry has had an iron bedstead and bedding and a tricycle etc of him. I spoke to Harry very strongly about his continued extravagance and folly.

1885, January 16, Friday

Cold wind. No frost.

Visited Henry Norris Esq, and Canon Payne of Swalcliffe. Rev Richard Payne his son a naval officer was there.

Roads very muddy.

Visited Brass Band this evening. A Committee meeting afterwards. Albert Young, one of the members, lighted his pipe and began to smoke. I requested him to put it out saying it was quite against the rules and very disrespectful. But he would not put it out. I therefore left the room reminding the members that they had full power to put a stop to such conduct and leaving them to consider what they should do with the offender.

1885, January 17, Saturday 

Harry returned to Kentisbury, Webb drove him to Banbury. I had to give him a sovereign to go back with, as usual.

Buried Mr George Harris.

Joseph Pettipher called and asked me to sign a requisition to Mr Albert Brassey to stand in Conservative interest for North Oxon. I did so.

1885, January 19, Monday

Government Inspector Rev H. A. Pickard and his assistant Mr Eley inspected the School. 93 children present.

William Lamb called for Taxes. Thomas Lamb, the Treasurer and Richard Gaydon the Secretary of the Brass Band called with an apology from Albert Young for his bad conduct a few nights ago. “He was very sorry and would not do it again”. All the members were ashamed of his behaviour. I consented to overlook it, for this time.

1885, January 20, Tuesday 

Elijah Hancox called to pay Balance of rent for Furze land.

George Green’s wife called and spoke about her brother Albert Young’s bad behaviour at the Brass Band Committee Meeting. I encouraged her to do all the good she could by persuading him to do right. She has had a very good influence over him ever since he has lodged with her.

Visited old Benjamin Aris. He was asleep – no one was about, so I did not awaken him.

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