Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, December 26, Friday 

St Stephen’s Day. Divine Service at 9.15.

A little snow fell, but hardly sufficient to whiten the ground.

Rev T. Daniel Hopkyns of South Street, Chichester, sent me a guinea for poor and sick communicants.

Visited Mrs Shelswell, not at home, but I saw Marion who had her face wrapped up on account of neuralgia.

Mt Joseph Pettipher called this evening and asked me whether I would apply to the Postmaster to give us a Money Order office, or at least the opportunity of purchasing postal orders.

John Lines of Sibford Ferris called and paid his allotment rent.

Harry went to Mr Willy’s at Epwell to dinner at 6.30 by Mrs Willy’s invitation but contrary to what he knew were his mothers and my wishes. He returned early about 9, and told me Mr Willy got into an almost ungovernable fury with him because he declined to sing – told him he was no gentleman, and that I was no gentleman as I had not called on him – which was a mistake, as I have called several times, but have no intention of doing so again. He seems to have ordered Harry out of the house. The latter says Willy was drunk.

1884, December 27, Saturday 

St John: Service at 9.15.

Bonner called and said he found Ann Lines’s boy had attended school a little better lately.

Visited Emma Lines, Samuel Lines, Kay (Sibford Ferris), Thomas Lively, Mr George Dix, Thomas Holland, Widow Sabin, B. Messenger.

Whichford handbell ringers came round this morning.

Visited Golder. He was out but I saw his wife. He has two children, girls, 4 and 2 years of age respectively neither of whom has been baptized. The mother said it was not her wish they should be unbaptized. I asked her to tell her husband I want to see him about the allotments at Sibford Ferris which he wishes to have, and to talk to him about the baptism of his children.

1884, December 28, Sunday 

Very cold.

Attended Choir practice this evening. Miss M Dix gave some books to the children who had been most regular at the practice.

Miss Dix called this evening.

1884, December 29, Monday  a

I wrote to Dr Hole last Friday; also to Mr T. P. Howe from whom I had a note saying that his second son Henry E. had returned home from the London & County Bank, London where he has been over 20 years, with softening of the brain.

Mr Mann called this morning about the Dance.

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