Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, December 17, Wednesday 

Fine, but cold.

Visited school Obtained £2.10 from Mr Elley as treasurer to Library and handed it over to Miss Dix to pay for present to be given to Mr Elley at the Annual meeting.

Divine Service, with sermon at end as usual at 7 pm.

Distributed Town Estate clothing tickets in Schoolroom after the service in Church.

1884, December 18, Thursday

Drove Kitty Rogers to Banbury on her way back to Westbrook. Brought out rev W. Wingate who arrived from Birmingham by same train as Kitty left by.

Lewis Poulton called this evening and paid me his landlord Major Goddard’s subscription to the Charities of the place, £2.

1884, December 19, Friday

Mr Wingate, Frank and myself walked to Tysoe and inspected the Church then lunched at the inn and returned for 5 o’clock dinner. It was very cold, and there was some, but not much, rain. Attended Band Committee at 9.30.

1884, December 20, Saturday

Harry came from Burdick Kentisbury, Barnstaple (having halted the night at Bristol) for the Christmas holidays. I sent Webb in to Banbury to meet him.

1884, December 21, Sunday

Mr Wingate preached for me and said the lessons both morning and afternoon. He went to see Mrs Shelswell after Church.

1884, December 22, Monday 

Wingate and I called on the Misses Dix this morning.

Alec Willy came to tea with Harry.

Mr Wingate left. I drove him to Banbury en route to Leamington, where he intends making enquiries for people he knew when he had a tutorship in a School there before he took his degree.

Called on Dr Routh this evening. He told me of the condition of things at Epwell Curatage – saying that Mrs Willy had “sunk lower” than any woman of education he had ever known.

Jesse Bishop called this evening and paid his rent. Robert Austin called on Saturday and paid his. Elijah Hancox sent me a note apologising for not being quite ready with his.

1884, December 23, Tuesday

Received notice of Government Inspector’s visit on 19th January.

Visited School and taught, both morning and afternoon.

Received Cyclostyle from London for which, complete apparatus, I paid £1.11.6 and 1/2 for carriage. A ream of foolscap paper to print on cost me 9/- at Hartley’s.

Visited Thomas Adkins, Sarah Hone and David, Thomas Henry Hone, John West, Fanny Wyatt, John Horsman, Jane Legge, Thomas Green, Widow Hancox, Mary Hone.

Stevens has repeated the Cyclostyle note that he made on the 16th. The 16th is presumably the correct date, evidenced by the example notice pasted in the diary then.

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