Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, December 15, Monday

Jesse Bishop called at my request this morning. He gave me a written offer to take the whole farm at £120 a year, but asked for time to consider whether he should make an offer for either half of it, which I gave him.

Robert Austin called this evening. I told him I had had an offer for the whole farm from Jesse Bishop, but did not state the amount. He also took time to consider what, if any, offer he would make.

Drove Bell and Kitty Rogers to Hook Norton and Wigginton, and called on the Mozleys at the Rectory.

1884, December 16, Tuesday   a b

Received Cyclostyle Apparatus from London, £1.11.6. Spent morning in printing Church notices.

Miss Dix called and asked me to sign paper for removal of Louisa Thame from St Anne’s School when called on to do so by the authorities, which I did.

Visited Mr Mann. Mrs Mann is a trifle better, but I did not see her. Dr Routh was there – I gave him 10/- towards cost of a ticket for the Eastbourne Sanatorium for Benjamin Aris junior, who has been suffering from a lung complaint.

Library Committee this evening at 7. Resolved to present a testimonial to Mr Elley to amount of £2.10 or thereabouts in recognition of his services as Hon. Librarian for 7 years. Also to order a second Book case.

Attended Band practice this evening and presented the Treasurer with a C tunefork – for use of Band. The powers of the little instrument astonished some of the men very much. They never had seen such a thing as that in all their lives afore. It was a curious thing !

1884, December 17, Wednesday 

Fine, but cold.

Visited school Obtained £2.10 from Mr Elley as treasurer to Library and handed it over to Miss Dix to pay for present to be given to Mr Elley at the Annual meeting.

Divine Service, with sermon at end as usual at 7 pm.

Distributed Town Estate clothing tickets in Schoolroom after the service in Church.

1884, December 18, Thursday

Drove Kitty Rogers to Banbury on her way back to Westbrook. Brought out rev W. Wingate who arrived from Birmingham by same train as Kitty left by.

Lewis Poulton called this evening and paid me his landlord Major Goddard’s subscription to the Charities of the place, £2.

1884, December 19, Friday

Mr Wingate, Frank and myself walked to Tysoe and inspected the Church then lunched at the inn and returned for 5 o’clock dinner. It was very cold, and there was some, but not much, rain. Attended Band Committee at 9.30.

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