Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, November 15, Saturday 

Received postcard from Skinner & Son of Covent Garden acknowledging receipt of apples.

Called at Canon Payne’s, who is much better.

Thomas Green’s wife called this evening and asked for some linseed meal to make poultices for one of her children who has bronchitis. She also asked for some blackcurrant jam to make a drink for the child. Mrs Stevens gave her a pot.

1884, November 17, Monday

Received from Skinner & Son cheque for apples sold, amounting to £12.12. My expenses this side were about £2.12 besides Webb’s time. There were 72 bushels of 56 lbs. The cost of freight by carrier and rail was a very heavy item.

Drove Kitty to Brailes and Winderton, Frank accompanying us. Kitty told us of Mr Mountain’s Gardener who was fond of fine words – Mrs M. asked him where a certain young cockerel was

“O, he’s secluded, mem, I thought it better to hisolate ‘im for the pro tem.”

I called to see John Horsman a day or two ago. He has been very ill with a sort of rheumatic attack. But he told me he thought he’d “had a lack o’ Paradise, or whatever it is as they calls it you know Sir.”

1884, November 18, Tuesday 

Visited Joseph Messenger, Joshua Green, Jesse Green, Benjamin Aris senior, Widow Bond, Widow Barnes, Charles Barnes, Thomas Wilks, Charlotte Harris, Susan Hunt, Anna Aris, Mrs Shelswell.

1884, November 19, Wednesday

Visited school this morning and taught.

Visited John Reason, Bodfish, Jane Legge, Thomas Green, Thomas Holland, John Horsman, Ezra Green.

Mrs Hiorns called and asked me to write to Mr Ommanney recommending her to have charge of the orphan child of the late Mr Hawtin, Solicitor of Banbury, to whom he is appointed Guardian and who, she says wishes to place him with some one who will take care of him. He is 5 years old. I wrote to Mr O. and said only what I was justified in saying – viz that Mrs H. was a kind hearted woman who would do her best for the child if in other respects she was the sort of person required; but that she has no children at home.

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