Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, November 8, Saturday 

Called to see Richard Walker, the Blacksmith’s wife and spoke about the boy Jarvis. She said that he was always better behaved for a time after a beating, and that he was in the habit of pilfering and telling falsehoods. She said also that they had Soldier Green lodging there, that he had broken his “pledge” and spent every penny he could lay his hands on in beer, and that her husband was led away by him. I recommended her to get rid of “Soldier” Green if he would not mend his ways, for that a man of that kind was not only a great nuisance to her but would also corrupt their apprentice.

Visited Dr Routh, Joshua Lines, Sam Woolgrove and Hannah Keene.

Widow Humphrey Sabin called to say that Tarver’s baby died yesterday.

1884, November 9, Sunday 

Fine. Taught in Boys School this morning. The notion of the “Ark” seemed quite foreign to the little ones. Attended Choir practice this evening – some of the Bandsmen were present.

1884, November 10, Monday

Visited Horsman. Drove Bell, Kitty Rogers and Frank to Brailes, and called on Mr and Mrs Garrard.

Tarver called to make arrangements for his baby’s funeral.

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