Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, September 11, Thursday 

Drove Bell and Katie to Hook Norton. Called on Mr Coxe at the Rectory and on Miss Godson – all were out.

John Lively called this evening to thank me for getting him a two acre allotment. I told him he might have the one held by Jesse Bishop.

1884, September 12, Friday

Went to the Heath Farm and saw Jesse Bishop about the arrangements between himself and Robert Austin, as they do not get on well together. Bishop wishes matters to remain as they are, and says he objects to the division of the farm proposed by Austin in the presence of Messrs Mann, Woolgrove and Page because the Farm Committee could not promise that the Trustees would accept them as separate tenants. The proposition was that all land and buildings on the right hand side of the Brailes Turnpike should be Bishop’s, and that on the left Austin’s. He says Austin has 10 acres more land than he at the same rent. But I reminded him that the division of the farm between them was made by themselves and that the Trustees had nothing to do with it.

Mrs and Miss Shelswell and Miss Sarah Dix called this evening.

1884, September 13, Saturday 

I drove Bell, Katie and Frank to Banbury when Katie returned to Westbrook.

Bell took Frank to Mr Heygate Brooks, the Dentist to have some teeth extracted.

Bought at expense of Town Estate, about 10/- worth of clothing for wife of Adams junior a young labourer in employ of Mr Mann and whom he brought from Chesham. She has 5 children under 4 years of age, two of whom are twins. They are very poor and are both extremely young.

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