Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, August 25, Monday 

Rain last night. John Bonner and his wife came this morning to take Sally Green before Mr Norris with the view to take her to Littlemore. She resisted so much that he had to put the “straight jacket” on her. He then got her up into a cart and took her away. He came to me once or twice, but I told him I had better not go in as she was always worse with her best friends when her insane fits were on her.

Once the straight waistcoat was on she was quiet enough – so Bonner told me afterwards. Mr Norris signed the warrant without any difficulty. When they arrived at Littlemore, Sally curtsied to the doctors and attendants and soon made herself at home.

1884, August 26, Tuesday 

Visited Montagu at his quaint little Rectory of Thenford near Farthinghoe, about 4 miles the other side of Banbury. Humphrey, Rector of Thorpe Mandeville came there to luncheon with us. We spent a very pleasant day and Humphrey drove me to the station in the evening.

I gave Webb a week’s holiday, beginning today, when he went to Oxford, after driving me into Banbury. Gave him £1 for expenses.

1884, August 27, Wednesday

Austin Gardner called and spoke to me again about Harry’s hiring his horse and dogcart and not paying him. I told him that I knew he had not the means of paying him before he left but that he would probably send him the money in a few days. If he did not pay him I would, but only for this occasion.

1884, August 29, Friday

Visited Charlotte Harris and had some conversation with Eleanor Hone. She said she means her two youngest boys should continue to attend Sunday School and church regularly.

Visited Mary Lively, Fred Manning, John Reason, John Hathaway, Daniel Payne, Mrs Horsman.

John Horsman called and I paid him £1.11.6 for work at school, placing the slate slabs, remains of Elley’s cistern burst by frost, at the school doors and surrounding them with bricks. The old stones were so worn and broken that after rain there was always a pool of water at each.

1884, August 30, Saturday

Bonner, the Relieving Officer called.

Visited old Mr Wells, uncle to Mr John Wells, who is lodging for a few weeks at Mrs Elley’s. He is perfectly deaf, and lame, going with two crutches, but is very cheerful and looks very venerable. I am told he was run over by a carriage in London which caused his lameness.

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