Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, August 4, Monday 

Harry is having his holiday and wants to come home. I declined to let him do so at first, but he wrote to his mother and begged very hard; so at I consented. He has been staying at Ilfracombe. This morning he writes asking the loan of £1 to come home with, though he has not repaid the last he borrowed. However, I sent it him, through Bell.

Visited and taught in school.

Privately baptized Sarah, daughter of John and Jane Manning (late of Oxford). The mother came to me in the vestry on Sunday afternoon and asked me to do so. I thought her manner then somewhat singular; but this morning there was nothing amiss. I afterwards ascertained that the poor woman has been in the Lunatic Asylum once or twice.

Visited Miss Dix. Rev. Edmund Smith, the new Rector of Tadmarton, and Mrs Smith called.

Mr Elley helped to carry Rosa down stairs and up.

Lewis Poulton called to consult me about the new Infants’ Gallery in the School.

1884, August 5, Tuesday 

Visited Benjamin Aris Senior, Hannah Keene, Oliver Harris, Richard Haines, John Lively, Widow Eliza Barnes.

1884, August 6, Wednesday

Cassie Heming left. I drove her to Banbury. Met Mrs Henderson who took me to Dr Wise’s and introduced me to Mrs Wise.

Sent W. Webb to Wroxton with a note to Bonner, the Relieving Officer about Sally Green, “Our Lunatic”, whose language to me in church a Sunday or two back when I took her a brief note telling her she must not talk in church was most filthy and must have been heard by many then present whilst the congregation was assembling for Divine Service. I have brought her case before the Guardians several times, as she is a pauper, but without result.

Ann Gardner, our Cook, returned to her duties.

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