Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Saturday, 13th January, 1883 

Harry went to London to visit the mother and brothers of Miss Edith Crosley a pupil and scholar of the Royal Academy to whom he has become engaged.

Thursday, 18th January, 1883

Called on Mr. and Mrs. Jones at Cintra, Upper Norwood, saw them and Vere. Walked thence to Westbrook and stayed the night at Mountains.

Friday, 19th January, 1883

Returned to London, and attended Divine Service in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Attended Drury Lane Theatre in the afternoon to see the Pantomime of Sinbad the Sailor in which a procession of the Kings and Queens of England with other historical personages from William the Conqueror downwards; I never saw any representation better done or which moved me more. London people appear to appreciate it, for the receipts are said to have amounted to £16000 in 18 days.

Saturday, 20th January, 1883

Wet and foggy.

Returned to Banbury per L. & N.W.R. Left London at 3 p.m. arrived at Banbury at 6,15 – 25 minutes late – Webb met me with the dog-cart. Bell was at Mr. Henderson’s.

Friday, 2nd February, 1883

… Wrote to Longmans about “Annotated Poems” and “Useful Knowledge reading Books” which have been omitted from their Catalogue for 1883.

Saturday, 3rd February, 1883

… Richard Lamb, junior, one of my Quaker parishioners called to bid me “farewell”. He leaves on Monday for Bessbrook, near Newry in Ireland, to act as junior bailiff on a farm. He is an excellent fellow and will, I doubt not, prosper.

Sunday, 4th February, 1883

Quinquagesima Sunday.

.. Stopped outside the Methodist Chapel and heard the prayers. I was much struck by the Excellence of some of them, and by the vulgar behaviour of a young man who stood outside near me.

I rang three times at Montagu’s before his housekeeper opened the door. They have so many runaway rings that they rarely answer the first or second summons.

Thursday, 8th February, 1883

Visited School. Observed that the children, on leaving this afternoon did not salute him or me. I told him he should insist on their treating him and Mrs. Elley with proper respect on entering and leaving School.

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