Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1882, December 22, Friday 

Anniversary of my dear mother’s funeral at St. Margaret’s Ipswich in 1843, and of my own marriage at Holy Trinity Halifax, in 1853.

1882, December 27, Wednesday

…. Richard Reason called to ask whether I would speak for him if he made application to the Board of Guardians tomorrow to make some allowance, as he was unable to work having a “frosted hand” and was destitute. He said he had not been able to earn more than 5/- a week on the average since he was here in the Spring. He owed Mr. R. Lamb £3 for rent. He went to work for him, “hooing” turnips at ???? per acre – but they did not tell him how much an acre he was to have. Mr. Lamb he said treated him as “destitute” and gave him 2/- a week to live on. Got him to take 9 lbs of mutton – of a sheep which met with an accident – at 7d. per lb. – and keeping the balance for rent due to him – gave him 4/4 at end of job, for 9 weeks work.

He has been working for Mr. Mann at turnip pulling but could not make more than 5/- per week at it; and in similar employment at Mr. Pettipher’s has got his hand frost bitten. Of course he wanted me to see his bad hand, which I did, much against my will.

1882, December 29, Friday 

Some children came to tea with Frank, viz:-

Mary Thame, Bessie Thame, Henry Thame, Daisy Thame, Willie Thame, Sally Fox, W. Colegrave, Polly Hiorns.

1883, January 13, Saturday 

Harry went to London to visit the mother and brothers of Miss Edith Crosley a pupil and scholar of the Royal Academy to whom he has become engaged.

1883, January 18, Thursday

Called on Mr. and Mrs. Jones at Cintra, Upper Norwood, saw them and Vere. Walked thence to Westbrook and stayed the night at Mountain’s.

1883, January 19, Friday

Returned to London, and attended Divine Service in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Attended Drury Lane Theatre in the afternoon to see the Pantomime of Sinbad the Sailor in which a procession of the Kings and Queens of England with other historical personages from William the Conqueror downwards; I never saw any representation better done or which moved me more. London people appear to appreciate it, for the receipts are said to have amounted to £16000 in 18 days.

1883, January 20, Saturday

Wet and foggy.

Returned to Banbury per L. & N.W.R. Left London at 3 p.m. arrived at Banbury at 6,15 – 25 minutes late – Webb met me with the dog-cart. Bell was at Mr. Henderson’s.

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