Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1882, November 29, Wednesday 

Visited Austin Gardner. Mrs Gardner showed me the plans of a new house which they are about to build on their farm at Sibford Ferris. It looks as though it would be a nice house. John Adkins of Burdrop is to build it, and it is to cost £800 to £1000, though she did not tell me so. The house in which they are at present living belongs to one of Mr. Gardner’s brothers, with whom he is at variance, and neither desires to do business of any kind with the other.

1882, December 6, Wednesday

Charles Legge’s wife called and asked me to lend her ten shillings – to pay her grocer. I told her I was compelled to make a rule not to lend money to poor people in the parish, for if I once began I should not be able to stop, as it would be difficult to draw the line, and it would do no permanent good. But I gave her 2/-.

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