Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1882, January 14, Saturday 

Mr Montagu called. Webb drove Mrs Elley and Frank to Banbury the latter to have his hair cut. They brought Mr Elley out.

Visited Ann Fox. Henry Bishop called this evening. I paid him for coals £1.10 and 12/- for cartage – total £2.2.0. On Dec 17 I paid him £1.0.8 for coals and 8/- for cartage, total £1.8.8.

Thomas Green’s baby Francis Thomas died on Wednesday and was buried today.

1882, January 15, Sunday

Mrs Shelswell has been very ill during the past 10 days, but is getting better. I called to enquire after Church this morning but did not go in.

Visited Thomas Holland, Mary Hone and Jane Legge. Did not go out in evening, my cold not being gone.

1882, September 30, Saturday 

Wrote to Mr. Sheldon of Brailes, Lord of the Manor of Sibford, requesting him, in the name of various parishioners to put a stop to building operations commenced by John Adkins, Stone Mason, on one of the plots enclosed from the waste on the Green at Burdrop, where he is about to construct a workshop and a cottage unless prevented. Miss Dix came to me and asked us to write, as the proposed erection would be a nuisance to many of the Burdrop people.

1882, October 4, Wednesday

William Holland’s wife called and asked if I could give her something “to get bread” as her husband had no work. I gave her 2/-.

1882, October 19, Thursday

Left Oxford for London at 9 am. Called on Dr. Stone, 14 Dean’s Yard, Westminster, Medical Referee for the Clergy Mutual Association, as the Directors wished me to do. He examined me and did not keep me for long. So I went on to Victoria, took train for Paddington and left for home by the 1 o’clock train. Arrived at Banbury at 3.20 but it was so wet that my horse was not in. I therefore took a cab out which cost me 9/-, which is about the same as 2nd Class fare from Banbury to London.

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