Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, December 17, Wednesday 

Divine Service this evening. Charles Legge’s wife came and asked me to bury his brother’s child in churchyard. She died today aged 2 yrs of measles. The father (Lively) has lived in Banbury some years ?past? as coachman to Mr C Gillett whose service he left because Mr G had appointed a bailiff or steward or foreman to look after his outdoor servants etc and he (Lively) having been accustomed to receive his orders directly from his master refused to take them from anyone else. He then got another situation for a time but has lost that for some reason or other. He has a large family and talks of coming back to Sibford to live by doing thatching!! I told his sister that I was not desirous of hurting his feelings by refusing to bury his child, but that our churchyard was getting so full that I was very unwilling to allow graves to any but parishioners, and that she must give him to understand that it was a special favour which must not be taken as a precedent.

“his brother’s child” is presumably a mistake for “her brother’s child”

1879, December 18, Thursday

Mr. Paynes, photographer of Coventry, to whom I had lent the Schoolroom for the purpose, gave a lecture there tonight on the Zulu War, illustrated with dissolving views – photographic. It was all very well done and there was a full room. He told Elley that he had done better here than in any other place with but one exception.

1879, December 20, Saturday

Mrs Shelswell sent for me to see Mrs Pearce who is much worse. I went up immediately.

Visited Thomas Sabin, Mrs Bond. Called on Mr Elley to speak about forthcoming Government Inspection.

Buried Lively’s child this afternoon.

The child’s full name was recorded in the Sibford Burial Register as Fanny Lively.

1879, December 21, Sunday 

Visited Mrs Pearce after Morning Service and administered H.C. to her, Mrs Shelswell (2), Misses Pearce(2?) and Mr Pearce.

1879, December 22, Monday

Commenced with Misses Dix’s help selling new edition of Hymns A&M to members of congregation at 25% discount.

Mrs Turner assisted at Penny Bank.

Rev Thomas Daniel Hopkyns of Chichester (lastly of Southsea) sent me a guinea for distribution in groceries or coals among poor Church people, communicants preferred (of Sibford Gower).

Went to Banbury this afternoon. Bell accompanied me. Rosa returned from Mrs Haddon’s at Cheltenham.

1879, December 23, Tuesday

Commenced distribution of 48 parcels of grocery – 2/4 to 2/6 each, among poor church people – balance of Loggin money.

Visited Joshua Lines, Buckingham, R. Haynes, Haynes senior (no one at home), Job Harris. Widow Harris, Sibford Ferris. John Padbury, Hannah Keen, Goffs, Hathaway junior (not in), Haynes (next beer shop).

Harry Shelswell came. Mrs Stevens visited a number of persons for me this morning and afternoon.

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