Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, November 24, Monday 

Visited Mrs Pearce this morning and administered H.C. to her, her husband, Mrs Shelswell and Miss Pearce.

Visited School and Edward Holland – talked to him seriously about his never coming to Church and living in filthy condition he did. He seems to be getting very feeble.

Met Charles Hands and told him I should let his allotment to someone else as he had neglected it very much.

Called on Joseph Alcock but he was not at home. Called at Mark Barnes’s next door, saw his wife and Betty Wilks – asked her to tell her brother Jos. Alcock that I had an allotment for him.

Visited Mrs Ann Bond who still lies in the same condition as last week – and is well taken care of. Her daughter Emma Tarver asked me if I could let her son have an allotment – I replied that I would think about it.

Visited Emma Horsman and Ezra Green and Mr Hiorns. Visited School this afternoon.

Wrote to Stephen Hands reminding him that he had not paid his rent last week as promised.

1879, November 25, Tuesday 

Attended meeting of Banbury Clerical Club at Rev Edward Marshall’s Sandford St Martin near Steeple Aston. Took train to Heyford, cab to Sandford with Banbury curates – walked back from Sandford to Steeple Aston with Rev A Spencer and had tea with him, returning to Banbury via Heyford at about 6.30.

Rosa went to Cheltenham on a visit to Mrs Haddon.

Mr Stephen Hands called in my absence and told Mrs S he had not been able to sell any horses at Rugby fair – but that he would thresh some corn and pay rent within a fortnight.

1879, November 26, Wednesday

Mr Woolgrove called to say that he went over Heath Farm yesterday with Mr Hiorns to see what repairs were needed. He said the gates were not very bad – that Mr Hiorns had a man who would do the work in about a fortnight at 2/6 a day – that he might cut what wood was required out of the plantation – and that the Blacksmith would do the iron work. I agreed that Mr Woolgrove should order the work to be done.

He told me that there were several large gaps where Stephen Hands had had the hedges stocked up for purposes of a race course – that the Trustees would have to call upon Stephen Hands to make good. I told him I would write to Hands.

1879, November 27, Thursday 

Visited John Padbury, Widow Keene, John Holtom, Dr Routh.

In talking to John Padbury I remarked that his clockface had lost the figures from upper part. He explained that he was in the habit of boiling it to clean it, and that last time he did so he omitted to take the face off!!

1879, November 28, Friday

Wrote to Stephen Hands giving him a fortnight longer – on condition that he leaves one lot of corn on the farm untouched till rent shall have been paid.

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