Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, November 14, Friday 

Called on Canon Payne – paid him the Loggin rent due at Michaelmas. Stephen Hands called this morning and promised to pay rent for Heath Farm one day next week as he was going to Rugby fair to sell some horses.

Visited Mrs Shelswell. John Harris junior called this evening with his bill amounting to over £9. I spoke to him about his bad conduct and told him I feared he had been giving way to “the drink”. He said it was that that “had done it”. I was glad to be able to persuade him to sign a pledge of total abstinence for three months.

I then endeavoured to persuade him to marry the girl he had ruined, telling him he ought to do so before the birth of the child that was expected. He said he could not as he had been engaged to another for two or three years. But as he informed me that she had had a child by another man during the time I told him that engagement would not be considered binding. I could however only get him to promise to think of it.

1879, November 15, Saturday

Went to Banbury. Took Rosa. Called on Dr Routh who told me that William Reason a young man of Sibford Ferris was ill – his lungs being to a certain extent consolidated. He said wine would do him good and I promised to send him some.

Ann Fox’s brother, a man living at Wolverhampton as horse keeper called this evening about his sister. He had been trying to get Sally Green out of her cottage so as to put his sister there to live and that the shop next door might be let and the rent thereof go to Ann’s support – but he was unsuccessful – and Bonner told him he could not well turn Sally into the street. He said Ann was not fit to be alone – that since her illness she had given way to drink very much – that she was not compos mentis – but that they did not know what to do with her as she was very obstinate.

John Harris junior called this evening – as I sent for him this morning to pay him his bill. He had not made up his mind to marry Ann Coleman.

1879, November 17, Monday

Visited School, Ann Bond who lies quite insensible apparently. She cannot hear at all – but looks well cared for. Visited Mrs Pearce.

1879, November 18, Tuesday

Visited J Payne, Mr G Dix who has recently removed from Swalcliffe and is lodging at Mr W Fox’s – but he was not at home. Visited Mr William Fox.

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