Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, September 22, Monday 

Returned to Brighton, calling on Canon Payne on the way to Banbury to speak with him about lease of farm – Dr Routh came there. We decided to refer disputed points to Mr Fortescue the Solicitor of Banbury and to ask Mr Hiorns to call and see him.

1879, September 28, Sunday

St Michael’s in morning. Trinity, Hove in evening.

Mr Cave, curate of Bloxham, took duty at Sibford. Mr Woolgrove entertained him at early dinner.

1879, October 3, Friday

Maclean and Harry’s quarrel about leaving door of study open – Harry was very much to blame for not apologising when he left door open at first accidentally. Had he done so instead of resenting Maclean’s demand to “shut that door please” by setting it open a second time purposely and then removing the key – there would have been no unseemly quarrel. Maclean was very much put out and spoke to me in such a way as made it necessary for me to call him to order. It all occurred in my absence – but Maclean told me of it after dinner announcing that he could not stay in the house where my son was any longer – and that he could not return to my house even if he did not pass his examination. He apologized when I told him it was not the thing for a pupil to threaten his tutor in that way.

1879, October 4, Saturday 

Kirkland told me today that he would not return to Sibford after Christmas.

Mr Elley collects the Loggin Rents for me tonight.

1879, October 5, Sunday

Went to St Michael’s church this morning and heard Rev Arthur Tooth late of Hatcham. To St James’s this evening.

Bell and Rosa took tea with Miss Dix at Old Steine. I called there for them.

The Rev Edward Marshall of Sandford St Martin takes the duty at Sibford today. Mrs Mawle entertains him.

1879, October 12, Sunday 

Attended Boys’ Sunday School this afternoon. Miss S Dix told me the Methodists’ Sunday School was closed.

Visited Mrs Pearce and Mrs Mawle.

The cross to memory of James Barnes, for 25 years clerk of this parish, was erected during my absence. It looks very well and appears to give general satisfaction.

I have a troublesome cold and cough which I brought with me from Brighton.

Mr Woolgrove came into vestry this morning and handed me the offertory collected last Sunday.

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