Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, September 1, Monday 

Very fine day. Visited Mrs Price. Drove Bell, Rosa and Frank round Epwell, Shutford, Tadmarton and Swalcliffe this evening.

Mr Smith, Sophie and Hattie came whilst we were out.

1879, September 2, Tuesday

Fine but cold for time of year. Visited Mrs Pearce. Drove Bell, Rosa and Frank to Ratley Vicarage and called on Mr and Mrs Evans, but they were not at home. Wrote to Anne Fox in reply to her note.

1879, September 5, Friday 

Tadmarton Swalcliffe and Sibford Flower-show at Swalcliffe Park. About 60 entries were sent from Sibford, but I had nothing worth sending.

Visited Mrs Pearce. Drove Bell and Rosa to Winderton. Called on Mr Atkinson who was not in.

Took Rosa to Flower Show with Mrs Elley and Frank. Mrs S did not go.

1879, September 8, Monday

Administered Holy Communion at 9 to Mrs Pearce, Mrs Shelswell of Shenington, Mrs Wait , Mr Pearce and Mrs Shelswell of Burdrop.

Went to Brighton, taking Mr Maclean with me. Put up at Old Ship Hotel.

The Thomas Aris mentioned in the enclosed cutting from last Saturday’s “Times” is I believe a former parishioner of mine who left Sibford last winter. I am not sure that the statements are correct, as he had a pretty good situation here as carter to Mr Timms of Hook Norton Leas which he sacrificed through his own indifference. But I thought it would probably do more harm than good if I were to write to the magistrate on the subject.


Cutting from The Times

At LAMBETH, Mr. Saunders, the magistrate, alluded to the case of a poor man named Thomas Aris, living at 451, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, who had formerly been in the police force, and who by severe illness had been unable to follow any employment after he left the force. In his desperation, seeing his wife and children in actual want, he had smashed a sheet of glass and was given into custody. He appeared on crutches in court and his character was found to be satisfactory. The magistrate, on the first hearing, gave him a sum from the poor·box, and several sums had been forwarded to the court for his assistance. Mr Saunders said he considered it was a deserving case, and handed Aris the amount sent to the court, expressing a hope that on the case becoming better known further assistance might be forwarded. Aris expressed his thanks for the kindness shown him.

1879, September 11, Thursday

Left Old Ship Hotel, not having slept at all since I took up my quarters there, and removed to Sussex Hotel, Cliftonville.

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