Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, July 3, Thursday 

Went to Brailes to tea and supper with Bell and Rosa and Maclean. Met Mr Capel H. M. Inspector of Schools there.

1879, July 5, Saturday

Dr Milburn and Mr Cox called this morning on way from Upton to Whichford.


Visited Ann Fox.

1879, July 7, Monday

Drove Bell to Banbury on way to Weston Super Mare. Rev A. Spencer of Steeple Aston came on visit. Met Bob and Minnie at Banbury. They left for Spa.

1879, July 8, Tuesday

Walked to Brailes this evening with Spencer and Montagu.

Mrs Shelswell called to speak with me about her son Harry whose brother Oscar has offered to article him to a solicitor. Harry will have to pass preliminary exam of Law Institution – but he has never done any Latin. She wants me to take him as a pupil.

1879, July 9, Wednesday

Drove Mr Spencer to Banbury on way home – got to station in half a minute too late for train. As he wanted to be home for choir practice I drove him as far as Adderbury on the way. He telegraphed to Mrs Spencer to meet him with carriage.

Visited Ann Fox and Mrs Shelswell. Told the latter that most likely Harry would be able to get on without frequent assistance from me as a tutor. I promised to look after him and tell him what to do if he would come down to me tomorrow.

1879, July 10, Thursday 

Annie, Miss Perks, Sophie and Hattie came.

Harry Shelswell came to me this morning. I examined him in one or two subjects and set him some Latin to learn.

1879, July 13, Sunday

Married John Holtom and Jane Alcock at 8 a.m.

Very wet.

Preached at Brailes this evening for Mr Smith who is visiting Mr Kempson at Claverdon.

Miss Wilson Schoolmistress at Brailes spoke to me about a little girl named Stevens from Achile Farm in parish of Brailes who had been allowed to attend Sibford school because it is much nearer for her than Brailes, but having left had gone to Brailes School and said she was locked out at Sibford because she was late. I spoke to Mr Elley about it and he said the child was never locked out, but that probably the real reason of her leaving was that she had been told to bring her school penny for the weeks she was absent.

1879, July 14, Monday

Very wet. Miss Dix helped at Penny Bank. Mr Maclean received a letter this morning to effect that his mother was dying and left for Slough at once. Bell returned from Weston. I met her at Banbury at 6:6 pm.

1879, July 15, Tuesday 

The remainder of my hay was got up. Visited Dr Routh, Hannah Keene, John Padbury. Miss E Dix called this evening.

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