Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Sunday, 13th July, 1879 

Married John Holtom and Jane Alcock at 8 a.m.

Very wet.

Preached at Brailes this evening for Mr Smith who is visiting Mr Kempson at Claverdon.

Miss Wilson Schoolmistress at Brailes spoke to me about a little girl named Stevens from Achile Farm in parish of Brailes who had been allowed to attend Sibford school because it is much nearer for her than Brailes, but having left had gone to Brailes School and said she was locked out at Sibford because she was late. I spoke to Mr Elley about it and he said the child was never locked out, but that probably the real reason of her leaving was that she had been told to bring her school penny for the weeks she was absent.

Monday, 14th July, 1879

Very wet. Miss Dix helped at Penny Bank. Mr Maclean received a letter this morning to effect that his mother was dying and left for Slough at once. Bell returned from Weston. I met her at Banbury at 6:6 pm.

Tuesday, 15th July, 1879 

The remainder of my hay was got up. Visited Dr Routh, Hannah Keene, John Padbury. Miss E Dix called this evening.

Wednesday, 16th July, 1879

This is the second day that we have had no rain but there has not been an hour of sunshine during the two days.

Friday, 18th July, 1879

Visited School. Marked registers. Spoke to Henrietta Harris daughter of William Harris (Quaker) of Sibford Ferris of whom Mr Elley complained that she refused to curtsey as all girls were required to do on leaving school. I told her that if she came to the school she must not expect to be treated differently from the other children. She said her mother told her not to curtsey. I told her she must submit to the rule if she came. Mr Elley told me subsequently that she had not been to school since.

Tuesday, 22nd July, 1879

Same kind of weather as yesterday and Sunday.

Visited Mary Wilks, Mary Weaver, Solomon Geydon, Mrs Spicer who told me her boy William had got a situation in a milk walk in London. Visited Misses Dix. Drove to Banbury to meet Mr Maclean.

Wednesday, 23rd July, 1879 

Drove to Lower Tysoe to see Hancox, monumental mason, about grave stone for which myself and others have subscribed (Harry collected) £4.9.9. to memory of late James Barnes, for 25 years clerk of this parish. It was a very fine afternoon and Bell accompanied me.

Friday, 25th July, 1879

St James. Divine Service at 9.15. Visited School. Visited Sylvia Sabin who is unwell. gave her 2/6. Also Widow William Keene – gave her 1/-. Drove to Brailes. Webb went away for holiday till Tuesday next. Paid fare of himself and boy from Banbury to Oxford and back.

Sunday, 27th July, 1879

Attended Boys’ Sunday School this morning. Visited Thomas Manning Senior and Dr Routh this evening.

The wife of William Harris (late farmer and butcher) is very ill and doctors do not give her much hope.

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