Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, May 15, Thursday 

Visited Anne Fox who seems to have had an epileptic or paralytic attack on Sunday last with rupture of a blood vessel internally. She is very ill indeed.

The painting and papering of our bedroom over the kitchen is going on this week.

1879, May 18, Sunday

Prayers of congregation desired on behalf of Ann Fox. Visited her with Mrs Stevens.

Taught in Sunday School this afternoon and attended Choir practice this evening.

Mr Hitchcox was at Church this morning for first time since I called at his house and found him in bed with a skin disease.

1879, May 19, Monday

Visited William Holland’s wife, and Ann Payne. A brother of the latter named Henry Padbury is reported to have committed suicide at Stratford on Avon last week – and another brother Daniel who was a soldier in India 85th foot is reported to be dead.

Mr Kirkland was taken unwell this evening similar though not nearly so severe an attack as he had before Easter. Sent for Mr Routh who came and gave him some medicine.

1879, May 20, Tuesday 

Went to Banbury. Kirkland and Maclean accompanying me to purchase some wood for floor and lining of summer house which they are building on the lawn.

I sent out 200 tracts respecting Ascension Day supplied me by S.P.C.K.

1879, May 21, Wednesday

Visited School, John Harris’s wife, Mrs Bond, Joshua Lines, Samuel Woolgrove. Met Edward Scruby out and about after a long and severe illness, but not yet fit to work. Visited Goughs and Hathaway junior – latter not at home. John Padbury who appears much afflicted at the sad news about his two sons. I have written to the War Office to ascertain particulars respecting the one who is reported to have died in India.

Visited Hannah Keene.

1879, May 22, Thursday

Ascension Day – Holy Communion at 8 am, 2 communicants. Offertory 7/6.

Drove Bell to Hook Norton. Called on Mr Gem, the Curate and the Misses Godson, none of whom were at home.

Visited Henry Lines, not at home. Saw his daughter Fanny.

Visited Widow Hancock, Ezekiel Hancock, William Golder who has recently married a daughter of Hall the Tailor of Sibford Ferris.

Divine Service at 7 pm. No School holiday this year on Ascension Day as they had one last according to custom on Choral Festival day.

1879, May 23, Friday 

Kirkland went to Dundee. Maclean to London for a few days.

Visited Anne Fox who is better, but her intellect appears to be affected.

Visited James Rimell, Sally Green. Thomas Sabin, not in.

Joshua Lamb called and asked me to lend him my cricket bats etc for use of Band of Hope. I said I would think about it.

Mrs John Harris Senior died after years of suffering. She has never been able to get out since I have been at Sibford.

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