Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, March 19, Wednesday 

Visited Fardon’s daughter who wishes to gain admission to the Radcliffe Infirmary. I told her I could give her a letter – but Wednesday, not Saturday as she told Mrs Stevens, was the day for admission of in-patients.

The Church Bell tolled this morning for Thomas Aris who died in the Lunatic Asylum at Littlemore where he has been a patient for many years.

Drove Bell, Rosa and Annie Martin to Balscot and Wroxton. Called on Mr Izatt. Not at home.

1879, March 20, Thursday

Drove alone to Banbury.

Divine Service at 7 pm in Church. As Mr Smith did not come I did all the duty as usual.

1879, March 21, Friday

Mr Kirkland was taken ill whilst at his studies this morning with something like an epileptic fit of a mild form. I was much alarmed. Got him to bed and sent for doctor who was away at Hook Norton at the time but came during the afternoon. He said it was something approaching epileptical congestion of the brain – arising from irregular action of the liver. Recommended more abstemious diet and regular exercise – gave medicine etc.

I distributed prizes in School awarded by Diocesan Inspector to (1) Emma Webb (2) Eliza Harris who had Bishop’s prayer book – Emma Webb having received it last year was ineligible (3) William Webb (4) Laura Webb (5) Olive Harris.

Went to Banbury and brought out Harry who has come home for a couple of days.

A Vestry meeting was held in School room at which I presided for nomination of Guardian Overseers and Waywarden.

Mr Hiorns came to me this morning and asked me to write him a notice to quit his farm at Farmington next Michaelmas which I did.

1879, March 22, Saturday 

Intensely cold northeast wind. Slight fall of snow last night. Kirkland somewhat better. Doctor came twice.

Annie and Clarkson Smith came to tea. Harry, who walked over to Brailes this morning with Annie Martin, returned to Brailes with them.

Horsman called and I paid him £2.7 for my walls.

1879, March 23, Sunday

Intensely cold N.E. wind.

Some of the School children having injured the Harmonium in the School room I asked Mr Elley to repair it which he said he could do, and told him I would pay him. As the instrument is useless, Maria Dix conducted the choir practice at her house.

Jesse Green’s wife was churched this afternoon. I called to congratulate her – she had not come in, but I saw her husband and the baby.

Harry returned from Brailes at 2.30 pm. Webb drove him to Banbury for 6.24 train on his way to Derby. Telegram this morning from Rev Walter Clark saying it was imperative that Harry should be at his post at 9 tomorrow morning.

Kirkland much better, but did not go out. I walked to Epwell this evening and called on Mr Montagu. Webb staid at home with Kirkland this afternoon. Bell staid this morning.

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