Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1879, February 9, Sunday 

Septuagesima Sunday. Taught Sunday School this afternoon.

Visited Ezra Green, William Holland, Mrs Holland (locked door), Mrs Mawle, Misses Dix.

Sermon this afternoon for the S.P.G. by Venerable Archdeacon Daykin of Durban, Pietermaritzburg. Good congregation offertory £2.5.6 of which 9/6 was in bronze. There were over 200 coins in the bags. Mr Payne of Swalcliffe sent his close carriage to take the Archdeacon to Bloxham to preach this evening.

Reuben Sabin’s and Adkins’s babies were baptized.

Attended Choir practice this evening.

1879, February 10, Monday

Mr Sims of Hook Norton accompanied by the Miller of Tadmarton called about the Farm, the former wishing to become tenant. I told him nothing could be done till after the surveyor’s report.

Mr Fred Manning called for rates. Expressed his willingness to be a Trustee of Penny Bank in conjunction with myself and Mr George Turner. He gave me 1/- for yesterday’s offertory as he was not at church in afternoon.

Took Penny Bank. Mrs Turner assisted.

Received note from Rev Ambrose Short of Bodicote saying I had been elected, subject to approval at next meeting, a member of the Banbury Clerical Society.

1879, February 11, Tuesday

Heavy showers. Drove Bell and Frank through Epwell, Shutford, Tadmarton and Swalcliffe.

Took confirmation classes. Visited old John Padbury who is in bed with a bad cold, and Widow Hannah Keene.

Spoke with daughter of late Mrs Coles at John Padbury’s.

1879, February 12, Wednesday 

Drove to Banbury this afternoon. Paid Dean £20.15. for Charity clothing.

Woolgrove came up at my invitation to settle church accounts to Easter last. Up to that date Mr Woolgrove as treasurer had 2d. in hand.

Alice Holtom of Sibford Ferris came up to say she had to go to nurse a cousin near Enstone and would probably be away three or four weeks and therefore feared she would not be able to attend the confirmation.

Choral Practice this evening under Mr Wells. first for the season. By accident, none of us went. I lodged Mr Wells at Mrs Elley’s.

1879, February 13, Thursday

Sent to Mr Wells inviting him to breakfast. He could not come then but did so afterwards, when I told him we had intended to be present at the Choir practice last night and that it was by accidental forgetfulness that none of us were there. I sent Webb to drive him as far as Tadmarton.

Miss S Dix called. Also Mr Montagu. I walked with him as far as Epwell.

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