Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1878, December 18, Wednesday 

Continued School Examination.

Received letter from C. Longman saying he found the G.L.B. were considered “out of date” at ?Nat? Society and London School Board.

Divine Service at 6.30 p.m.

George Harris, draper, of Banbury called in response to a letter I had written to him asking whether it was true that some of the members of the Clothing Club had forestalled their tickets with him. He said Dorcas Scruby and Ann Lines had previously had goods the cost of which was charged against their clothing club tickets. I told him he must never let any of the members do that; but that they must always have the value of the ticket in suitable goods at the time.

W. Fox sent in two men to paper dining room.

1878, December 19, Thursday

Harry came home from Derby. I sent Webb in to meet him.

William Barton called this evening and said his boy William who was away at a situation wanted a pair of boots very much – He had not the money to get him a pair – What he had was for his rent. Would I lend him the money. I told him I never lent money to my parishioners and I could not make an exception – but I gave him 5/- to help him this severe weather and told him he should write to the boy’s master and ask him to advance the boy a quarter’s wages to get a pair of boots with. He thanked me for my advice and said he would follow it.

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