Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1878, December 13, Friday

Still hard white frost. Many men unable to work.

Visited Widow William Keene – not at home.

Visited Mr Hiorns and showed him the passage in the Award – lent him my “Complete Lawyer” to show him the way in which Vestries should be summoned. He said he would leave the matter till after next Highway Board meeting.

Visited David Hone. Soldier Simmons was there – Miss Dix – Joseph Gibbs – Thomas Manning and Joseph who has been very unwell with severe headache the past week but is able to get out. He looks ill.

Visited W. Coleman and George Messenger from latter of whom I got a good deal of information about the old names of places in the parish. He says he is 90 years of age, but I don’t think it.

Visited Richard Haines, Widow Hannah Keene and John Padbury.

Sent 2/6 coal money by Mrs Stevens to each of the following, viz Widow Hancock, Ezekiel Hancock, Widow Hathaway, S Gough, Widow Hannah Keene, John Padbury and Joshua Lines. Gave 2/- to Richard Haines’s wife, 1/- to Ann Haines, 1/- to George Messenger and 1/- to Joseph Gibbs.

1878, December 14, Saturday

Walked to Epwell and called on Mr Montagu – who was not at home. Gave Dr Routh a Horton letter for Hannah Sabin’s child.

1878, December 15, Sunday

Took class in Boys’ Sunday School this morning. Visited David Hone. Mrs Mawle is better.

Princess Alice Grand Duchess of Hesse Darmstadt died of Diphtheria yesterday. All her children and her husband have had the disease but have recovered. Her father Prince Albert – Prince Consort – died of gastric Fever on same day about 17 years ago.

1878, December 16, Monday 

Commenced examination of school-children in their respective standards.

Visited Mrs Mawle who is better, but still confined to her room. Mr W Fox was taken ill last night but better this evening – the passing of a gall-stone gave him great pain.

Miss Stevens assisted at Penny Bank this morning. No one came this evening.

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