Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1878, November 27, Wednesday

Went over the Heath Allotments and examined Larch Trees that have been felled for sale by Joseph Manning. Three Scotch Firs at the corner of the Plantation opposite Epwell Turning have been spared through the kindly interposition of Canon Payne who it appears requested Manning not to cut them down without first consulting me and saying that he would like to have them left as they were not worth much for timber and looked very well as they were.

1878, November 28, Thursday

Mr Montagu called. He had been to C Poulton’s and F Inns’s, whose wives had made complaints about the Feoffees charging 3d per week school fee for tradesmen’s children and had complained about Humphrey Sabin and others not having been called upon to pay the same. Mr Montagu appearing to sympathize with their complaints I told him that the Trustees had the management of the school and would not think of going to either Poulton or Inns for permission to carry out their regulations, nor would they think of consulting them as to who should and who should not be required to pay 3d or 6d school fee. I very mildly gave Mr M to understand I thought him rather weak to let them talk to him about such matters and get his sympathy where no sympathy was needed. On his own showing he had not reproved them for their exhibition of jealousy because others were not called upon to pay as much or more than themselves. As to Poultons, they have only one child, a few months old, so that it will be years before the regulation will affect them.

1878, November 30, Saturday

Received from Banbury School Attendance Committee order for insertion of names and ages of a number of children in Child’s School Book.

St Andrew’s Day. Morning Service at 9.15.

Canon Payne called, but I was out.

1878, December 1, Sunday

Holy Communion. Devoted Offertories morning and afternoon to Church warming – the amount £1. I handed to Mr Woolgrove.

Visted Miss Dix.

Spoke to Widow William Keen who tells me the Guardians have allowed her 2/- a week.

1878, December 2, Monday

Visited school. Called on William Holland’s wife about age of her eldest bastard child.

Took Penny Bank (Mrs Turner helping). Visited Mr Hitchcox. He was not at home, but Mrs H was.

The Sibford Benefit Club held their Quarterly Meeting in School room this evening. It appears they have been in the habit of providing a pint of beer for each member on those occasions – each paying his share whether he drank it or not. This evening, I hear, the teetotal members proposed the abolition of this rule or custom. They were defeated by a not very large majority. They took the beer, however, and going out into the road poured it all on to the ground.

No one came to deposit in the Penny Bank this evening.

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