Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1878, November 11, Monday 

Drove to Hook Norton. Mr Smith of Brailes called and had dimmer with us this evening.

Visited Mr Rushton at Hook Norton. Met Dr Routh in Hook Norton and spoke about the School recommending him not to allow Bishop or Inns to draw him into any discussion of the Charity matters.

1878, November 12, Tuesday

Drove to Banbury. Mr Rusher, Actuary at the Savings Bank, died. Mr Smith of Brailes called here this morning on his way to Leamington, and again in the evening on his return – on both occasions about report of opening of Winderton Church. I gave him copy to take away with him.

1878, November 13, Wednesday

Visited Miss Dix – Hannah Aris and her daughter Elizabeth Wilks – Thomas Aris – Mary Weaver – Solomon Geydon – Jane Legge – Henry Bishop who, as well as his wife began again to ask what they were to do with the children. I replied “send them to school” – and added that they would have to pay the 3d per week which the Trustees had fixed.

Visited Humphrey Sabin – Dyer – Saw many family Bibles with entries of ages for purposes of child’s school book.

1878, November 17, Sunday 

Taught in Boys’ Sunday School this morning and in Girls’ School this afternoon.

Baptized Richard Haines’s baby privately.

Visited Dr Routh.

1878, November 18, Monday

Gave out coal tickets personally at houses to many of the people. Visited Sylvia Sabin, Widow William Keene whom the Guardians have not allowed anything yet. She is in her 70th year and says she could do with 2/- per week. If it were not wicked she “could lie down and faint, rather than go into the house. The food and clothing etc. are plentiful, but the people in the wards behave so badly.” I spoke to Mr. Herbert, the guardian, on her behalf, and gave her 2/-.

Visited Joseph Messenger. Took Penny Bank money at school, morning and evening. Mrs Turner assisted.

Visited Thomas Hone – George Messenger – William Coleman whose son sailed for South Australia last week together with some young men from Sibford Ferris, viz.:- Amos Lines, H. Harris, W. Keene, George Lines. Coleman tells me his son is very religious having joined the Methodists.

Visited also Elizabeth Manning whom I had to reprove for the way in which she spoke of Mrs Routh.

John West, Thomas Henry Hone, Thomas Lively, C Legge, C Harris, Widow Wyatt not at home, Sarah Hone, Sarah Green, Ann Fox, J Horsman, F Horsman not at home, S Young ditto, B Aris, Thomas Aris, Thomas Holland, Mary Hone, Eliza Lamb saw her at West’s, Thomas Sabin, Widow Henry Sabin, Benjamin Messenger, Mrs Shelswell, Mrs Dix, Thomas Coleman, John Coleman, Edward Fox, Hannah Young, Joshua Green, Jesse Green, Joseph Dale, George Spicer, Thomas Wilks whose daughter Mary has had another violent fit, Betty Wilks, Thomas Aris, George Payne, William Payne, Miss Somerton, Joshua Aris, Solomon Geydon, Ezra Green not at home, Edward Holland, William Holland.

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