Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1878, August 31, Saturday 

Visited Solomon Geydon and talked with him about his experience in the workhouse. He said there were some idiotic paupers in the same room with him who could not talk but they could swear.

1878, September 2, Monday

The “Gospel Tent” was removed today – I learn that the preachers are going to Byfield in Northamptonshire for a few weeks.

1878, September 3, Tuesday 

Copy of printed paper in diary of Rev E.T.Stevens


This Bank will be OPENED on Monday September 30th, 1878 at 12 Noon and at 7 p.m. in the

and continue open Every Monday from 12 to 12.30 and 7 to 7.30 p.m.

Rev. E. T. Stevens, M.A.; Mrs Turner, Mrs Way, Miss Dix,
Miss Stevens, Mrs Stevens



1. Deposits of One Penny and upwards will be received, but the whole sum deposited shall not at any time exceed Five Pounds.

2. When the sum saved by any Depositor amounts to Six Shillings, it may be invested in the Banbury Savings’ Bank in his own name. The Acting Manager at this Penny Bank will assist the Depositor in filling up the form required for this purpose.

3. Any person may, after becoming a depositor in the Banbury Savings’ Bank, send his savings to that Bank, or may again deposit in this Penny Bank. No deposit less than one shilling is received at the Banbury Savings’ Bank.

4. Each person will receive a Bank Book upon making his first deposit, without charge, both in the Penny Bank and in the Savings’ Bank.

5. If any Depositor loses his Book he should give immediate notice at the Bank. Twopence will be charged for a new book.

6. The Bank Book must be produced every time money is paid in or drawn out of either Bank.

7. The Funds of this Bank will be deposited in the Banbury Bank for Savings.

8. Depositors may withdraw the whole or any portion of their money upon giving one week’s notice, when the Deposit Book must be left with the Acting Manager or his Deputy.

9. Married women and children may deposit money in their own names and themselves receive payment of their savings.

10. Strict secrecy will be observed respecting all deposits.

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